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Those who witnessed Lake Baikal with their own eyes share their opinions. Enjoy its majestic and picturesque views in the video below.

Lake Baikal is known as The Pearl of Siberia. Really, it’s the pearl of planet Earth.

‘As much as I’ve traveled and as much as I’ve seen, only a handful of places have struck such a lasting chord with me. Lake Baikal, or “Ozero Baikal” as the Russians pronounce it, is one of those places. Holding 20% of the planet’s freshwater supply, Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest, and among the clearest lakes in the world. It’s also drop dead gorgeous, and when I first saw it in 2011 I knew just one visit wouldn’t be nearly enough’.

Ed Graham, photographer

‘Lake Baikal is the most beautiful place in the world, and when you look at her ethereal images, you just couldn’t agree more. The ice in Baikal is the most transparent in the world! And this is true. You can see everything on the bottom: fish, green stones, plants and bluish gulf. The water in the lake is so clear that you can see various objects on the depth of 40 meters. In some parts, ice is slippery like the mirror. You can shoot ideal reflections. A lot of travelers are moving around on skates, bicycles or sled. Some of them are walking for several hundreds of kilometers and are sleeping in the tents on the ice’.

Kristina Makeeva, photographer

‘Baikal is the place of power, where we will be able to protect ourselves and our children from pernicious influence of modern world. And we will live, developing spiritually, creating a universe of love around us and comprehending God.

Why is it necessary to go to a Place of Power or pray to God, tune into an egregore, or ask saints and magicians for help to fulfill our desires, why can’t we do this ourselves? The reason is that a person doesn’t have enough of his own energy to get what he wants. He has little energy of the higher planes from which the fulfillment of wishes depends on. And in order to fulfill a wish, one should first materialize it, fill the image of the desire with clean positive energy, and then, filling it with more solid energy, externalize this image into the physical plane. It is called materialization. The man who does many spiritual practices, that is a magician or a holy man, has a lot of this energy. That’s why we turn to him in order to get his help. Obviously God, an egregore, or a Place of Power have a lot of this energy too, which we need to make our wishes come true. That’s why a smart person does spiritual practices to fulfill his or her dreams’

 ‘The Adventures Of The Mystics’ (