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Important Information

  • There can be changes during the expedition. According to shamanic tradition, it is necessary to obtain permission from the spirits to visit every ritual place. Therefore, not only weather conditions affect the expedition route, but also the state of a group of disciples.
  • Shamans reserve the right to change the route or tour program for the best results and harmonious traveling and studying shamanism and local traditions.


Please bring:

  1. Comfortable hiking change of clothes, footwear, headgear designed for weather conditions from -5 to +35. Warm clothes: jacket, sweater, woolen socks, hat, gloves, light windproof jacket,
  2. A good raincoat (not polyethylene, it is recommended to buy in professional sports stores)
  3. Yoga mat
  4. Be sure to have: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat to protect you from the sun
  5. Ritual clothing for shamanic practices
  6. Shamanic musical Instruments: guimbarde, tambourine, rattle
  7. Photos of your loved ones, for whom we should pray
  8. Bath and swimming accessories
  9. Flashlight with spare batteries, sport mat
  10. Camera, notebook, pen, water container (bottle or flask)
  11. Hiking travel backpack for all things (not a bag on wheels), small backpack for small hikes