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Baikal is not only one of the most beautiful places but is considered as one of the world’s mysterious lakes. Baikal is one of the holiest places for Siberian shamanists. The very nature and the spirit of the lake are full of energy that links every person and all his descendants to the global force of the universe, the earth and the people. There live different spirits that help people obtain purity of mind and provide them with power and energy. One of these spirits is Ayami, the spirit of the locality. For women it is a man, for men – a woman. If this spirit comes to a person, he brings pure, strong love. When a person has experienced it in the world of spirits, then he will be able to experience it in the human world, but not vice versa. You can find the spirit Ayami at the Places of Power, and Baikal is certainly one of these places. Remember your first love, longing, flying, happiness while listening to the music of transformation «Merging with Ayami». You can as well get the disk with this powerful music to convert your own dwelling to a Place of Power at

Baikal has been surrounded by mysteries and legends since ancient times. Tourists called the Lake “The Place of Power”; and it really radiates a special energy that is perceived by everyone who comes here. Join us and you will have the opportunity to feel it, to sense it and let it flow through you filling you with this powerful and pure energy!