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What woman doesn’t yearn for time for herself, without having to be anything for anyone else? To rest, to restore, to settle in. To catch up with all the thoughts that fly in and out all day. To sort out her feelings from the tangle of everyone else’s. To be in touch with herself, her body, her rhythm. To clarify her own sense of things. To get back to her essence…

In these wildly challenging times, having a daily meditative practice is one of the best forms of self-care, deeply healing and nourishing. Your meditation time is a sanctuary from the world, a space and time where you can come home to yourself, come home to your body and heart, come home to your place in the universe.

Many people think of meditation as dry and boring. Little do they know how sensuous, soulful, and fun it can be! Meditation is like sex – you have to find the ways you enjoy and that work for you. You want your inner sanctuary to be a place where you can let go, follow your own rhythms, let your energies flow freely, and relax into deeper and deeper pleasure and connection.

Water has always been the source of power, magic liquid that helped people restore their health, brought them peace of mind and opened their inner strength and abilities. That is why meditating in water has the ability to enchance the impact o your thoughts and words and turn wishes into realites. Look at our relaxing video, try this water meditation and tap into the healing power of water.