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Dear friends,

Lake Baikal 1

We are happy to congratulate you with registration for our shamanic tour to Baikal “Lake of your soul”!
It will be a very special trip that will change your life significantly. You will feel the freedom of Russian soul and nature. Also you will have a unique opportunity to visit Places of power, they are revealing their secrets only to a few chosen ones. And you are one of them thanks to our experienced guides.

  Please do not hesitate to ask all of your questions about organization, flight dates, invitations, technical part questions on this e-mail –

Also we kindly ask you to send us your flight bookings copies so we could surely meet you.

We would like to remind you the possible dates of your arrival. We kindly ask you to arrive on the 11th of August and inform us in advance about the city of destination in order to guarantee you transfer. You are allowed to arrive to Ulan-Ude during the day on the 11th of august or BEFORE 11:30 AM to Irkutsk (PLEASE PAY ATTENTION). Otherwise the group will leave and you will not be able to join us because of technical reason. NOT POSSIBLLE to arrive on the 12 of august because the group will leave. Only group transfer is included in costs. Personal transfer is paid separately. If by any reason you could’t get to the city on the 11th of August please write on this e-mail.

ATTENTION: About return tickets: you need to take them strongly from Irkutsk because our expedition will end in Irkutsk.

Lake Baikal 2