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We all were children. But then we grew up. And oftentimes it seems that happiness lives only where children live. Why does it happen so? Because children don not doubt, they are open and interested in the world. They do what they love and love what they do. And it’s their success formula of happiness. However, when we grow up, we stop doing what we like and we stop listening to our inner voice.

TALANATIDA children retreat is created to make this period of life and unforgettable experience and untap your child’s potential. During TALANTIDA retreat children will discover their abilities, talents and individuality that will be solid basis for their future development. In fact TALANTIDA is an investment into the successful and bright future of your child.


TALANTIDA experience allows children to grow as happy, strong and harmonious individual.

  • Who is the Program for?

TALANTIDA works great and give excellent results with children

between 5 and 15

  • Children will:
    • discover their unique talents and get confidence about their exceptional nature
    • improve their academic and learning score through enhancing their concentration and memory
    • resist and prevent bullying
    • balance rebellion nature
    • through art-therapeutical and game methods complete individual journey of self-discovery

TALANTIDA is created by and conducted under supervision of experienced mentor

  • Program includes art- therapy, games, psychology sessions, active and health practices *

In the morning children will benefit JOY-DANCE-yoga and magic meditation.

*We tailor each TALANTIDA retreat exclusively for the group of the participants. Program schedule and activities can be changed depending on the participants level.