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Baikal Weather Tips!

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Baikal Tips | 0 comments



August is one of the best time for visit Baikal.┬áSummer days are sunny and nice with middle temperature around 20′ C.
but at night it can go down up to 9-10’C. Also it is a windy month, so you better take some warm autumn jacket, specially
for the ship. Rain coat is also good to take. Sun is very bright, so, please take sun lotion, repellent from mosquito may
be needed.

Do not forget to put in your bag:

  • swimming suite

  • personal yoga math

  • trainers

  • shamanic instruments

  • and beautiful cloth will also be needed

If you have more questions about what you need put in your baggage, please send us an email: