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10 most interesting facts about Baikal

by | Apr 23, 2016 | Baikal Tips | 0 comments


  1. The lake has never been crossed by any crazy swimmer… By the way, the average water temperature in summer in the upper layers of the lake is 8-10 degrees. Couldn’t swim much if you want :)

  3. Devil’s funnel” is one of the unexplained wonders of this great lake, a threatening and mysterious phenomenon. In about 30 km from the southeastern tip of the island of Olkhon there is the place where regularly a powerful vortex arises that is able to absorb into the depths even large vessels.

  5. On lake Baikal it is possible to sunbathe even in winter – the sun is very intense there!

  7. Baikal bathhouse – is a special pleasure! In summer it is built from local wood (pine, cedar), while in winter from the real ice! To relax in such a bath you can ONLY in lake Baikal.

  9. Baikal contains 19% of the fresh water on the planet. If this number doesn’t tell you much, it is 23 615,39 cubic km of water. And this is a lot! If you take all this water and split it up between all the citizens of Russia, then everyone will get about 2700 railway tanks of water. For tea, I think that’s enough :)

  11. Lake is no stranger to the celebrities. So, for example, the famous director James Cameron celebrate here his 51st birthday, also Mr. Putin has been many times here, even managed to dive to the bottom of the lake in a submersible “Mir”.

  13. Water in this lake has a very low mineralization, it has a lot of oxygen and it is remarkably transparent. That way in some areas of the lake bottom can be seen at 40 meters!

  15. To taste Baikal water you can only on lake Baikal: it has a lot of bacteria that do not allow long-term storage without sterilization. All the water, that is sold under the trademark “Baikal Water”, is actually extracted from underground wells.

  17. In the spring, when the lake is covered with ice, you can hear that lake “breathes”. This sounds like a crackling of ice – and it is particularly well could be heard on the rocky shores of the lake. By the way, the most loud Baikal’s ‘’breathing’’ can be heard at the foot of the Burkhan Cape, one of the landmarks of the lake.

  19. Baikal is the deepest lake on our planet. It’s depth is 1642 m.